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  1. Promotes team work among the students.
  2. Gives us a common cause to work towards while also letting our Canadian Troops who sacrifice for us everyday, know that we are thinking of them even after November 11th - Remembrance Day!
  3. It will help set a good example for the rest of the school to follow in years ahead while also building school morale and participation.
  4. It will help other people across Canada to realize that it just takes one person to make a difference in someone else's life - and that one school of Canadian children can perhaps bring a smile or happy heart to our troops who don't always see happy days in the lands that they are serving our country in.
  5. It will help develop leadership skills in the Grade 8 students before they head for high school.  This is done by the fact that they must work together as a team to accomplish a common goal while also rallying the rest of the school to join in the cause and see and learn the benefits of giving a few moments of our time and thoughts to those who defend our country for our freedom.
  6. It lets the troops know that we are thinking and praying for them often.
  7. It instills in our younger generation a sense of awareness and purpose that we too, even though we are much younger, have a part to play in supporting those men and women who give so much for our nation.
  8. It'll also show that a simple act of kindness can indeed go a long way to make a better day for someone else.
  9. By sending a 'Thank You Scrap Book' with pictures of actual Canadians that the troops can see - it would help put and keep some of the faces of the Canadian people before them - whom they strive to serve and protect. 

How Will It Happen!

(Through Connections of Family and Friends)


  1. Already, people in the Royal Canadian Legion (my Grandma) are excited about this possibility and are ready to work with the school in promoting C.A.F.É. DAY throughout Ontario and possibly Canada.
  2. An organization called Canada Family Action Coalition (my dad) is also excited about the possibilities and is preparing to promote this concept across the nation of Canada through its intricate network of media contacts and internet mailings.
  3. Some news media people are waiting (my dad) to hear more and are intrigued by the idea of a Grade 8 Class leading its school to do such a good deed.
  4. Some political commentators both in Ottawa and Vancouver Island (relatives) are willing to pick up the story - they like it.
  5. A connection is already being made with Canada Post to pick up the completed scrap books and deliver them free of charge to the C.A.F. Headquarters in Canada.
  6. Therefore; all we would need to do, is lead our own school to complete this scrapbook and the above organizations and their affiliates would do the rest and possibly encourage other schools across the country to do likewise.


C    anadian

A    rmed

F    orces

É    ncouragement

D   ay